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TRAENÁIL is a fun, systemic learning system by which companies can educate their employees. It uses positive, rewards-based training as a motivator for employees to not only learn but to retain information. In addition, TRAENÁIL helps satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements and provides essential metrics so that companies can reinforce and/or target information and employees.

IT Security & Awareness Training Course Included

The TRAENÁIL system includes our most popular training course: Information Security and Security Awareness. This course will help you effectively train your employees on the protection of sensitive or confidential information and systems.

How is TRAENÁIL Different?

Understanding Rewards-Based Training

The same training model has been used for decades and companies continue to struggle with its ineffectiveness. Employees resent the model and are craving something different.

Current Training Methods are Ineffective

Not all training methods are effective and some result in employees very quickly forgetting what they learned. Companies are left in the dark, hoping that what they trained on has been retained and will be used whereas unfortunately, most employees are simply going through the motions. There is a better way to train.

Embracing a Culture of Education

Recruiting and retaining employees is a great challenge to most companies. A company’s culture goes a long way in ensuring a stable and productive workforce. Some companies ignore the desire for education by their employees and therefore struggle to remain competitive and compliant.

Benefits of Systemic Training

Most training programs are designed around Point-In-Time training. Training on current events, changes in technology, polices and other similar content are missed or delayed resulting in an ineffective training program and a false sense of security. How often an employee receives training is as if not more important than the content of the training.

Expansive Training Capabilities

Employees prefer structure to chaos and they embrace those things with which they are familiar. Offering competing methods of training can create confusion and lower the effectiveness of all training. Consistency is the name of the game.


Overview of Company’s Role and Responsibilities

A.With TRAENÁIL, you decide how much training your employees need and their participation requirements. You also get to decide what is the ‘reward’ or opportunity available for participating. When the training campaign is complete, you can review your employee’s participation level as well as their performance. Not only can you see information at an employee level but corporately as well.

Management reports allow you to evaluate your training culture as well as specific employee’s level of training. Gone are the days of crossing your fingers and hoping your employee knows the information. Yes – you will be able to check that box indicating that you have trained your employees... Learn More

Overview of Employee’s Role and Requirements

B.As an employee of a company using the TRAENÁIL system, you will find your employer has defined a set of participation requirements that represent the minimum amount of training you should be receiving.

You will log into TRAENÁIL on a daily basis and simply answers questions from one of the training courses as part of a campaign defined by the company. How many questions you answer correctly will impact your chances to win that campaign’s reward.

In all, as an employee you will be spending less than 5 minutes a day training but in that short time, you will find yourself retaining information and... Learn More

Compliance and Audit Perspective

C.In many companies across all vertical markets, training is not just important – it’s mandatory. Industries like banking, healthcare and others have specific compliance requirements regarding employee training. Before TRAENÁIL, satisfying these requirements from a participation level was the primary focus of training departments. Now your training department can focus on content, retention, adaptation and speed to awareness in terms of training.

Not only will TRAENÁIL ‘check the box’ for you but it will help you demonstrate to your auditors and your compliance departments exactly what went into ‘checking that box’. If you need to produce a report of your company’s training in aggregate – TRAENÁIL can do that. If you need to produce a report by employee – TRAENÁIL does that too. If you need to produce... Learn More

Management Benefits

D.“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is very true when it comes to training. So many companies assume or do minimal testing to determine if their training program is successful. With TRAENÁIL, management gets a clear line of sight into their employee’s training participation and results. Rather than simply ‘checking a box’ that an employee attended or participated in a training course, TRAENÁIL lets managers see how the employee performed in training, where are they showing competence or knowledge of the material and most importantly, where is there a need for additional training.

All of this is possible without the burdens and costs associated with scheduling classes, travel, attendance and lost productivity. With TRAENÁIL, employees spend less than 5 minutes a day training but have the opportunity... Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get buy-in from employees to participate?

Certainly there will be a cross-section of employees who are resistant to change or to participate but if your company promotes a culture of education and uses some simple motivation techniques to launch the program, the results can be great. Choose the reward appropriately. In the beginning, the reward might need to be of greater value or more visible. Eventually it can be scaled back if needed once the culture of education has firmly taken root.

Simply put – “Tone from the top”. Set expectations for employees and encourage them to participate. TRAENÁIL allows companies to define participation requirements that can match an already established training policy. You can define exactly how many days of training an employee is required to participate in during a campaign. If the employee, satisfies that requirement no further action is needed. If an employee fails to meet those requirements, you must decide from a performance policy perspective, how to best address the situation the situation.

And lastly, find those employees who have embraced the new culture and use them, their stories, successes and enthusiasm to promote the system and your efforts.

How long does it take to get started?

TRAENÁIL was designed to be very simple and straightforward for companies to start using. The amount of time that it takes is highly dependent on the number of employees in your company and if you can obtain a simple CSV listing of them. In TRAENÁIL, you can add new employees one at a time or via a CSV import. Once your employees are in the system, all that’s needed is for you to set a few parameters and requirements, create a campaign and kick it off.

In theory, this can all be accomplished in under 15 minutes. We would recommend that you allow time to explain to your employees the new system, your goals and intentions with the system, their requirements and especially what reward are you offering. How long that process takes will fluctuate from company to company, but we feel it’s incredibly important for a successful launch.

How often are the default questions updated?

TRAENÁIL looks at all of their questions on a frequent basis, comparing them to new technologies, practices, current events, policies and regulations. When we see a need to change, add or remove questions we will do so. Rest assured, you will always have the same base number of default questions at a minimum and those questions will still be relevant and applicable to the training course.

What should I offer as a reward?

The reward that you offer is completely subjective to your company, culture and employee-base. Some have used monetary rewards, time-off, apparel or the like. Our philosophy here at TRAENÁIL is that the reward should be something that is a reflection of your company’s commitment to education and how much you value an employee who is fully engaged in participating.

How much of my employee’s time will this type of training take up?

TRAENÁIL was designed to provide systemic training with minimal operational disruption. The system is configured so that the most time an employee can spend participating during the day is 5 minutes. Employees can play only one time unless they are in makeup mode in which they can play twice. You do not have to worry that your employees are spending excessive time in TRAENÁIL. The point is to get the information in front of them and to quickly reward them for their training efforts. They then can go back to their daily assignments and immediately put into practice some of the material they just learned.

What if I have an employee who does not like playing games?

One of the things that separates TRAENÁIL from other training solutions is the level of options afforded the employee. Over the years that it has been in use, the TRAENÁIL has been modified to accommodate unique challenges presented by employees. Some employees may not wish to play games or may have a legitimate concern with a particular type of game. That is why TRAENÁIL never forces anyone to play the games. The company sets the participation requirements and an employee can ‘opt-out’ of playing the game portion if they so choose. The employee still receives the benefit of the training and the company still has data available that can help measure and manage that employee’s training.

TRAENÁIL has carefully thought through the types of games offered so that they pose minimum issues to employees and provide the necessary reward opportunities.